Steel Pan Fusion perform Air's Moon Safari

Steel Pan Fusion perform Air's Moon Safari
Friday 19th January 19:00-23:00

Steel Pan Fusion stamp their own unique imprint to mark 20 years since Air’s groundbreaking downtempo album ‘Moon Safari’.

In tribute to Air’s seminal album the 8-piece ensemble will be performing their own take on steel pans. The band is a contemporary take on steel pan, jazz and world music, and Moon Safari offers them an opportunity to further develop the ‘fusion’ of their name. Expect experimental arrangements of classics like “Sexy Boy” and “Kelly Watch the Stars”, interspersed with solos from each of the 8 musicians.

The impact of Air’s 1998 debut album on the fledgling downtempo electronic genre cannot be understated. The 1990s had seen a wave of artists producing music to be played in “chillout” rooms, with DJs and promoters seeking to bring down the tempo and vibe in clubs around the world. While Moon Safari fits perfectly into this bracket, it should be viewed as capable of delivering the emotional power of all great dance music, while containing enough authentic pop songs for it to be viewed as an accessible pop album in its own right.

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